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Welcome to Suits Centre’s blog! Today we are going to go over the different selections we have to offer here in our store and give you a price guideline as well! You can also message us on WhatsApp! We offer a wide selection of boy’s and men’s clothes. All of our clothes are imported from Turkey and the USA! We make regular trips to always make sure we are bringing you the newest and best fashion!

Table of contents:

  • Our shirts
  • Our suits
  • Our ties
  • Our Gentle trousers
  • Our Blazers
  • Conclusion

Our Shirts:

Our shirts range from 50k to 250k UGX! We have many different colors and designs, we’re sure to have something perfect for your next occasion! Come check out the different colors of shirts that we have for your family!

Our Suits:

Our suits range from 280k to 1.5m UGX! We have all different colors, shapes, and sizes! We will have something to fit you and your sons!

Our Ties:

We have many different colors and designs! Our ties range from 20k to 50k UGX! We have many different styles, colors, designs, and other choices! We have a tie to go with any of your outfits!

Our Gentle Trousers:

Our Gentle Trousers range from 60k to 150k UGX, we have regular black slacks and khakis; in different colors and sizes! We are sure to have a size here to fit all of the men in your family!

Our Blazers:

Our blazers range from 250k to 350k UGX, above are pictures of the different colors we have to select from! Just like everything else, they are imported! We have many different sizes too, we can help you with your outfit!!


Thank you for reading our blog today! We shared the different things that we offer here in the store! Everything is newly imported from the USA, Italy, and Turkey! We have many different things to fit all of the men in your family! Check out our Facebook or take a look at the rest of our website! You can stop into the store at any time and one of the girls would love to help you pick out your next favorite outfit!

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